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Don't look stupid • ATM Pin Reversal to summon the police
Wow! A security system to alert the police if you're being robbed at the ATM! Nice! Or ... wouldn't it be nice if it were true? OK, this is a perfect opportunity to exercise that under-utilized grey matter in that thing you call your head. Try this question on for size:

If this were true, why didn't your bank tell you about it?

Think about it. Wouldn't any bank be proud and happy to let you know about this amazing security feature that could save your life and protect your money? Wouldn't they all be broadcasting this in huge posters and on every statement they mail you? Wouldn't they be taking every opportunity to tell you why their ATMs are safe? What possible reason could they have for keeping it a secret?

Absolutely none. If it were true, you would have known about it already.

It's a hoax, through and through. Look for the markers:

• mention of "by law" with no reference
• claim that it was broadcast, but with no verifiable reference
• amorphous claim that no one knows about it
• the ever-present plea to "pass it along" to everyone
• and of course, the implausability mentioned above that it would be secret

Always, always, always check out these stories at one of these sites first before sharing them. It only takes a few seconds and it will not kill you. If it were your friends sharing these stories wouldn't you want them to verify it before wasting your time? And above all, it will help you to not look stupid!

Stop letting others misuse your brain.
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