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Don't look stupid • A faster computer
Complete crock of bull. Full stop.

There have always been advertisements making these claims since the home PC became commonplace. Every last one of them has been a scam. Some promise a faster PC; some promise more memory; some promise a faster internet connection. The one thing they all have in common is that they're all fake. They are lying to you.

Listen ... if your computer could be made to run that much faster, the people who manufactured your PC would already have done it! No manufacturer would pass up a chance to make their computers run circles around the competitors and still be able to charge you the same price. Every PC maker in the world would already be doing, well, whatever it was that would give them the speed boost. But of course common sense already told you that one, right? Truth is that the manufacturers already put out the best product they can and there is no secret method for improving them other than long, hard, expensive engineering to come up with the next model next year that runs maybe 50% faster.

The same thing goes for speeding up your internet connection. If it was possible to make it go faster by some little piece of software then your ISP would already have had you install it so that they could be the fastest ISP on the block. But, they haven't. There's no conspiracy to keep your connection or your computer slower than it could be. They're already doing the best they can.

You wanna know the real motive behind these scams? And why would they give them away so often when lots of stooges might even be willing to pay good money for them? I'll tell ya. When you download and install the software you are infecting your own computer with whatever viruses and trojans they feel like sending to you. You're welcoming them in to hack your computer and make it part of their illicit network of nefarious zombies. They'll watch where you go and what you do online, steal your passwords, read your email and bank records, and use your computer to hack other systems while making it all look like it's YOU who's doing it.

Falling for these scams really makes you look stupid!

Stop letting others misuse your brain.
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