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Don't look stupid • forwarding emails
Well, you've gotta admit, forwarding chain emails no matter what the content is makes you look at least a little bit stupid. After all, it shows that you're letting someone else do your thinking for you rather than mustering up your own mental capacity, and that's just for starters. So, let's be at least just a little bit smart about it, mmmmk?

• First of all, engage your brain. Ask yourself a few basic questions:

      - Is this email pertinent?
      - Is this email sensible?
      - Does this email represent my views?
      - Do any of my friends care in the slightest about this topic?
      - How many of my friends do i want to alienate today?
      - Does this email meet my standards for proper grammar and spelling?

By now you may be starting to get the idea that this chain email may just be a little stupid, and this is a good idea. Hold on to it; embrace it, because ... IT IS! Now, for a far more important question that you need to always ask yourself constantly:

      - Is this email true?

Sure, the message may seem funny, or outrageous, or indignant, or poignant, or important, or just tug on the ol' heart strings. That awful story about little Timmy suffering from cancer and how Microsoft and AOL will contribute for everyone who forwards it seems reasonable at first blush, but the thing is it's just fake. No one pays any money for forwarding messages. And even in the rare case that there actually was a little Timmy with cancer, that was probably ten years ago and Timmy's friends and family don't want to be continually reminded of a terrible period in their lives, or worse yet of the pain of Timmy no longer being with them.

No, you won't get free coupons or a discount on an iPad or entered into a contest or win movie tickets or see a cute little doggie run across your screen after you forward the email to 15 people. These are all lies and they're put in the email specifically to make you want to forward it, and look stupid by doing so. Don't fall for it. You're smarter than that!

Just remember, the more junk you send, the less likely people are going to be to pay attention to you when you send something important.

Stop letting others misuse your brain.
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