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Don't look stupid • Share vs. Like
97% - yeah, right. This is a rigged statistic. It's an unfair vote and the person who put this out there is using it to misrepresent public opinion.

Like vs. share is extremely one sided and an incredibly unfair way to take a vote. The thing is that every time someone clicks the share button, MANY more people see it and see that the "share" option has been selected. In fact, if someone wants to disagree but still wants to share the item, there is also the tacit indication that the clicker supports and approves that option even if they don't. When people click the "like" button, it is seen by few and makes a much smaller, almost unnoticed statement.

The people who put out these share vs. like polls are well aware of the huge imbalance between the selections and always put the option they advocate as the share.

Don't fall prey to these underhanded shysters who try to use your brain for you. Speak your own mind and agree or disagree, but don't perpetrate unfair and biased tricks. Avoid these traps, use your own brain for yourself, and don't look stupid!

Stop letting others misuse your brain.
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